Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

Kolam renang Tirta Jwalita

Let me tell you about a famous building in my town. In here, I will tell about swimming pool in my town. It is “ TIRTA JWALITA “ swimming pool, the only one swimming pool in my town. We can swimming and relax in “ TIRTA JWALITA “ with friends or my family. The students and the teacher can swimming also, because Tirta Jwalita opened to public and who ever“ TIRTA JWALITA “ is located in Soekarno Hatta street. It is near the “ STADION “ in Trenggalek. This street is very crowded for my town.
“ TIRTA JWALITA “ have the parts of the place. The part in front oh the “ TIRTA JWALITA “ is a parking area for visitor and place for chance the ticket. Part left from the door is a room to put key for my drawer and we can to put helm also. If we feel in the parking area not place and beside it again is the drawer to put the bag and your brings another and in front of the drawer is shoes place and sandal and then in back of drawer is the bathroom for we cloth change and we can also take a bath after we swim because there is small bathroom and some the small room. In the nort we can sit in there but it the west is the children’s play centre.
Place the swimming pool is in the middle of that building place. Wide the “ TIRTA JWALITA “ is with long 25 cm and wide 12,5 cm with deep 1 meter until 3 meters. We can swimming in there. If we fear with deep water, we can swim in the cast because in there the deep 1 meter and in the west 1,5 meters. For the children in the south of swimming pool. There is place perosotan anak – anak and in the south again is canteen and precise in the right of door. There is place to eat if we feel hungry.
Although “ TIRTA JWALITA “ is a small swimming pool but in here complete with facility. For example is a float. And we want learn swimming, not so far withyour house we can to learn in the “ TIRTA JWALITA “ swimming pool.
The characteristics of the “ TIRTA JWALITA “ swimming pool is crowded with visitor and it is near the “ STADION “ and the water is clean. We can also swimming private in the “ TIRTA JWALITA “ and the teachers can teach the students to learn and swimming test because in there to public. So if you want sweeming, come here….? In the “ TIRTA JWALITA “ you can with your friends and your family because in there we can throw away your feel and your sad. Please come to the “ TIRTA JWALITA “ swimming pool

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