Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

Trenggalek Town Square

Trenggalek is a beautiful place in the world. Because in there, I born and grow up until now. Many beautiful place in there. My city is surrounding the mountains, many big river and the blue sea too. But, there are one center place in my city. Of course, my town square or you can call TRENGGALEK TOWN SQUARE or ALON- ALON in Javanese language. Beautiful place! Because, the place there in center town. So you not confused to find it. You can come from anywhere. South, north, west, or east. My city is very small. So to find TRENGGALEK TOWN SQUARE you just to follow main street and you can find it. So easy!
TRENGGALEK TOWN SQUARE, center of anything in Trenggalek. Around it, you can find center of government or PENDOPO, center of mosque, and some schools. Now, lets check out all about my square. In south side of Trenggalek town square, you can find GARUDA TOWER OR TUGU GARUDA that surrounding small pond with the water stream. After this you can find playground, and small garden too. In the north side you can find field ceremony and sport court. Not only it, in out side of my town square, you can find many seller. You can buy some food, drink, toys children with the cheap price.
The function of TRENGGALEK TOWN SQUARE is many advantages. In there you can refreshing with your family, you can bring children to play in playground. Beside it you can play basket ball or foot shall in sport court. Or you can stay in under tree to enjoying some food or drink.
Although my town square us small, but I think my town square is bigger than other place. So you

must try to visit my town square. I am sure, in there you can find many advantages and you go home

bring the happy feeling. I am wait you

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