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Championship Manager 2010

Championship Manager 2010 Take total control with Championship Manager 2010, the leading name in football management simulations is back with a brand new look and a host of new features to bring the most loved sport in the world straight to your PC. The fully animated, 3D match engine (featuring 500 fully motion captured animations per player) propels you right into the heart of the action on matchday, taking your management experience one step further. The only match engine specifically designed and created for a football management game allows you to watch the team in action as they put your carefully crafted tactics into action, view individual performances and be on hand to make changes when things go wrong. It’s not just on the pitch Championship Manager has changed, 2010 brings players a host of never before seen features including; CM Season Live™, Scouting Networks, Drill Training, Set-piece creator and video capture. For the first time ever start the game at key moments during the new season and face real world management challenges,
With a brand new interface and backed by a huge database with all the latest data, begin the journey to manage your team to success and bathe in glory.

Some of the great new features revealed for Championship Manager 2010 so far are…
3D Match Engine:

Championship Manager 2010's match engine has undergone a radical overhaul with the prize a bespoke fully-animated match engine.

Created entirely in-house at CM headquarters and designed specifically to bring the management experience to life, the manager now has the perfect viewpoint from which to observe their Matchday instructions taking place on the pitch.

Each player has over 500 fully motion captured animations, and with seven different camera angels from which to view the action, the new CM 3D match experience provides the user with more direct match information than ever before.
News & Media

A whole range of messaging in the game enables you to have far greater access to information and news from within the game's world of football. Broadcasting real media references, the latest CM news system delivers in a wide variety of ways. The user gets all the information and all the news that's relevant to their game.

Media Suite

Complimenting the in-game news system, CM now contains a host of media tools to allow the user to make the most of their in-game messages and media. In other words, you only get the info you want.
Dynamic Display Window

A dynamically updated display window brings a real world likeness to the user. Managers will be able to look out on the latest league tables, fixtures, top goal scorers and more from their in-game football world. Coverage from every part of the globe will appear throughout the game on every screen. It's the complete picture.
Manager Mail & Reports

By filtering mail messages managers get only the news they want. Plus, managers now also have the opportunity to select from a number of regular in-game reports that matter to their situation, whether it be other match reports or stats on players and other teams. ProZone:

An exclusive feature to the CM series, ProZone continues to evolve to enable users to access highly detailed, post-match analysis on their players. With full stats on their own team and the opposition, the manager has the complete picture of personal and team performances so he can make the big decisions.

Providing data on every pass, run, shot and more, ProZone is the analysis tool, putting CM in the real football world. Professional managers use ProZone on a daily basis. It doesn't get any more real than that.

With a host of new features and details still to be revealed there’s still plenty more to come from Championship Manager 2010.

Release Date

Championship Manager held an exclusive press event at Villa Park this afternoon in which Beautiful Game Studios General Manager Roy Meredith revealed that the hotly anticipated Championship Manager 2010 will be hitting stores on the 11th of September, with a demo available from the 14th of August.

“I’m delighted to be able to confirm the 11th September release date for Championship Manager 2010. This edition contains features which will really set us apart from the competition such as CM Season Live™ which offers a totally new dimension to the football management genre,” said Roy Meredith. “This is the culmination of two years incredibly hard work and the whole studio is genuinely excited about how gamers will react when they get the chance to play it for the first time.”

Championship Manager 2010 is the latest edition of the classic football management franchise, and will be the first football game available for the 2009/10 season. In development for over 2 years, the 2010 edition offers players a host of unique features never seen before in football management games. These include a bespoke 3D match engine with over 500 individual player animations created specifically for Championship Manager, a Set-piece creator giving users the chance to create their own unique free kicks and corners, Scouting Networks allowing users to set-up local networks in countries around the world and scout for local players and Practice matches helping users build and mould their perfect team or trial new players.

Championship Manager also includes an industry first in CM Season Live™ allowing players to download the real-world 09/10 football season data and take on real world managerial decisions and challenges in the leading leagues across Europe.

Ahead of the games release, players will be able to try out all of the latest features and more in a full demo available from August 14th via the Championship Manager website. With 6 months game time (over half a season) contained in the demo and fully compatible with the full version of the game on its release, players have a full four weeks to prepare themselves for the release of Championship Manager 2010.

Championship Manager 2010 will be available across Europe in French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Polish on Friday September 11th 2009.
Free September Data Update

With just a few days to go until demo release, we thought now would be a good time to inform you of a free data update we'll be offering for download on the day of release.

On September 11th we will release a free data update, emcompassing all transfers that have taken place during the transfer window, and any data changes that have occurred since July 1st, such as Chester City being deducted 25pts (ouch!)

So to clarify, both digital and boxed versions of the game will contain data upto July 1st 2009. So when you start your game from this point the data will reflect real life as of that moment in time.

Alternatively, you can download the free update - which will be available on release day - and you can still start your game from July 1st, but the game will be up to date with all summer transfers having taken place, i.e. Michael Owen will be at Manchester United, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Barcelona.

This way we hope it gives managers the choice of which database they wish to use in-game.




Link Download Lokal




Mini Image


Credit to Uploader :

Yang beli DVD biasanya ga ada DX9nya, DX9nya bisa di download disini


1. Download semua link di atas / beli
2. Install yang game
3. Install September Update (recommended krn update ini berisi update database s/d 1 Sept 2009 n patch pertama dr CM2010)
4. Mount Mini Image pake Daemon Tools Lite
5. Enjoy.
NB : klo pake kerak kyny penyebab crash, jd pake mini image aja.

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